Is it advisable to ask for a loan to invest?

There is nothing that has brought investments closer to the citizen standing up than the internet. Today there are many collaborative platforms through which we can invest. In addition to options that bring the Exchange to the whole world without the need of a broker.

To this increase in access to the world of investments, until now reserved for banks as intermediaries and large fortunes as beneficiaries, the emergence of online loans is added. These types of products offer the possibility of obtaining financing for practically all types of profiles in record time.

The combination of both factors can lead many users to think about asking for a loan to invest. But is this advisable? In Inversiones Seguras we explain it to you.

Debt to invest

Debt to invest

Access to quick loans through the Internet has opened up new possibilities for users. Up to now, obtaining financing was much more complex, mainly because banks were used exclusively, whose conditions remain very restrictive. Nowadays, however, the entry into the equation of lenders and private credit companies has allowed access to financing in a massive way. It has also given the option to obtain capital to cover all types of expenses . Even to invest.

The logical thing when requesting a loan is to do it investing so that we do not exceed the limits of our real capacity. That is to say, that no matter how many facilities they put us, if we do not have an adequate financial situation that allows us to return the money, we should not ask for it.

But if we are able to make the return and have found an investment opportunity with an upcoming expiration date, it may be interesting to resort to this trick. Anyway, if we are not experts investors it is more convenient to have the advice of a professional. Think that you can believe that you are facing a unique investment opportunity but that ultimately it is not so.

What loans can be requested in these cases?

What loans can be requested in these cases?

If we want a loan to invest the safest method to achieve this is to go to private equity companies. These companies, which operate through the Internet, are much faster when granting loans and do so much more widely than banks.

If we opt for this option, we must act in the same way that we would if we hired a loan for any other purpose. We must bear in mind :

  • That we must avoid indebtedness . Think that your expenses in this type of products should never exceed 40% of your net salary. Otherwise you will find it impossible to return the capital month after month and you will end up in debt.
  • That we must have sufficient financial capacity to repay the money borrowed . It is useless to ask for money if then we will not be able to return it. We must weigh the income we have and if these are enough to be able to meet the payment of the loan installments. If not, obtaining a loan will only involve us in debt.
  • Compare different options and do not ask for more than the account . Finally we advise you to request a quote from several private equity companies. The more products you compare, the easier it will be for you to opt for the one that offers you the greatest advantages and benefits. Either by the lack of linked products, of commissions, by delivery deadlines or by really adjusted interests. In any case, do not forget that you never have to ask for more money than you need. Remember that no matter how tight the sinterices are they will always exist in a loan. For the lender must take profit from their own investment (in this case your investment is to give you money).